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Multi-State Taxation

Do you have operations in more than one state? Are employees working remotely outside of their state of residence or doing business across multiple states? 

There are many scenarios like these that can quickly complicate compliance with multi-state taxation and business nexus. 

For more information, we recommend checking out a helpful (and free) resource that the American Payroll Association created on the topic. 

Holiday Schedules

Please schedule your payroll processing dates around bank closings and be aware of upcoming B2E Solutions closings, so you do not encounter unexpected delays.

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Avoid Labor Law Poster Fines

If you have one employee or more, you are required to post federal and state labor law posters in an area visible to all employees. If you haven’t updated your posters for 2022, you’ll need to do so. 

To stay on top of this each year, we recommend signing up for E-Update Service, which includes:

  • Annual delivery of a laminated all-in-one state and federal labor law poster (S&H including)
  • Updated postings sent via email for you to print and post (includes mandatory or recommended federal, state, city and county compliance changes)
  • Protection in the event of a government fine or penalty up to $25,000

To learn more or to sign up, please contact your CSR.

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