Connecting business to employee
A stronger business-to-employee (B2E) connection starts here.

Your business needs to connect with your employees to foster healthy, trusting and engaged relationships. Our solutions — the people and the technology we provide — help you do just this.

Our B2E Solutions

One part technology.
One part service.
Total HCM solution.

B2E Solutions provides industry-leading human capital management (HCM) software and one-to-one service that helps you build and nurture better connections with your employees. From hire to retire, our comprehensive solution addresses every stage in the employee lifecycle — ensuring no opportunity for connection is missed.

Our UKG Ready Suite

Supported With Our One-to-One Service

Industry-Leading Software and Service From B2E Solutions

One Unified System

One Unified System

Single, cloud-based platform with a full suite of products that work together to reduce redundant data entry, automate the flow of information and give you a single source of truth.

In-House Expertise

In-House Expertise

Avoid costly penalties and extra hassle with the support of our experienced team of tax, compliance, product, ACA, payroll, HR and service professionals who have an average tenure of over 10 years.

One-to-One Service

One-to-One Service

Bypass the long hold times and frustrating call centers with a direct line to a dedicated, experienced service rep that knows your business inside and out.

Unique Support Structure

Unique Support Structure

Our UKG technology partner has an entire team focused on developing and updating the platform to meet your needs, so our team can focus on giving you the service and support you deserve.

Local Mindset, National Footprint

Local Mindset, National Footprint

The commitment and trust that comes from a family company, paired with our nationwide experience, help you navigate the complexities of your workforce no matter where you are.

Strategic Connections

Strategic Connections

Our third-party relationships with local and national brokers, financial firms, software providers and other partners make sharing information between systems and people a breeze.

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